Trakai, Lithuania – a destination for every season

Lithuania is perhaps not the first name that comes to mind when deciding where to spend your holidays. Even though Lithuania is not on many people’s tourist radar, it should be. And in Lithuania, Trakai is definitely one of the highlights.


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Trakai is only 30km from the capital of Lithuania – Vilnius, so a day trip is simply a must. Trakai is located on a peninsula formed by 5 connecting lakes. The biggest one is called Galve and is famous for its Island Castle. There are about 200 lakes around Trakai, making it a perfect location for summer holidays.

Trakai Castle

It is the most famous castle in Lithuania. It is located on the island in the middle of the lake, connected to the city by several wooden bridges. The castle was built in 1409 and immediately became the most important residence of the Grand Duke. It is the only castle in Eastern Europe built on an island. In 1655, the Russians burnt the castle and the city to the ground. The remains of the castle stood this way for another 300 years, until the 20th century, when it was rebuilt to its former glory. The castle holds big exposition grounds, covering the history of Lithuania. You can find amazing artwork there, as well as many historical items from the daily lives of duke and some modern technologies as seen in the video. Thus there is a lot to explore. Fairytales are told within the castle walls for children and medieval fairs and concerts (including electronic music concerts) take place in the inner yard of the castle.

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Winter activities:


  • Ice-skating on the frozen Galve lake near the castle (always check for cautionary signs for the thickness of ice)

  • Walk around the castle on the frozen lake (dress accordingly to the weather, because temperatures can fall to as low as -20 Celsius)


  • Swim in the cold water after a sauna at the spa

Traditional cuisine:

  • Kibinas – a pastry filled with minced meat, usually lamb, eaten with a broth

  • Midus – spirit made of honey
  • Beer

Spring activities:

  • Explore the wooden city. Legend has it that 3 windows are facing the street – one window for God, one for the Grand Duke and one for homeowner.Learn more about Trakai

  • Museums and churches. The Godmother of Trakai in St. Virgin Mary’s Church. This portrait is famous for its many miracles and therefore is a popular pilgrimage destination.

Summer activities:

  • Swim in the lake in front of the castle, or find your private shore on one of 200 lakes.
  • Water activities: pedalos, rowing boats, paddleboarding. Trakai is also famous for sailboards. Rent a yacht.

  • Cycling around the city and surrounding forests.

Autumn activities:

  • Autumn stroll around Trakai


  • Amber souvenirs
  • Baking homemade bread. For more info visit here. Make sure to book these activities in advance.

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